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The Peak Park Parishes Forum is an independent association, established in 1994, of most of the local councils (Town Councils, Parish Councils and Parish Meetings) lying within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA).

One of the Forum's purposes is to facilitate PDNPA's legal duty (Schedule 7 of the Environment Act 1995) to consult parishes on matters affecting them. (And PDNPA also has a duty under the 1995 Act to seek to foster the economic and social well-being of local communities within the National Park.)

We aim to promote a good working relationship and excellent communications between local councils and PDNPA, and to provide a voice on matters relating to PDNPA which are common to a number of local councils. The Forum is keen to promote good local government and grassroots democracy.

Any local council may become a member of the Forum on payment of an annual subscription. The members of the Forum are:
Abney, Abney Grange, Highlow & Offerton Parish Meeting
Alstonefield Parish Council  alstonefield.org/community/parish-council
Ashford-in-the-Water Parish Council ashford-in-the-water-pc.gov.uk
Bakewell Town Council  bakewelltowncouncil.gov.uk 
Bamford with Thornhill Parish Council  bamfordwiththornhill-pc.gov.uk
Baslow & Bubnell Parish Council  baslowvillage.com/parish-council
Blackwell Parish Meeting
Bonsall Parish Council  bonsallvillage.org/parish-council
Bradfield Parish Council  bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk 
Bradwell Parish Council bradda.org/parish_council.htm
Brough & Shatton Parish Meeting
Butterton Parish Council buttertonmoorlands.co.uk/parish-council
Calver Parish Council calverpc.co.uk
Castleton Parish Council castletonvillage.co.uk
Chapel-en-le-Frith Parish Council chapelpc.org
Charlesworth Parish Council charlesworthparishcouncil.org.uk
Chatsworth Parish Meeting
Chelmorton Parish Council chelmortonparish.org.uk
Chinley, Buxworth and Brownside Parish Council chinleybuxworthbrownside-pc.gov.uk
Curbar Parish Council curbarparishcouncil.org.uk
Derwent and Hope Woodlands Parish Council derwentandhopewoodlands-pc.org.uk
Edale Parish Council edaleparishcouncil.org.uk
Edensor Parish Meeting
Eyam Parish Council eyam-pc.org
Fawfieldhead Parish Council fawfieldhead-pc.org
Fenny Bentley Parish Council fennybentley.org.uk/parish-council
Foolow Parish Meeting
Great Longstone Parish Council greatlongstone.net/councils/parishcouncil
Grindleford Parish Council grindleford.com/links/grindleford-parish-council
Harthill Parish Meeting
Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council hartingtonnetherquarterpc.co.uk
Hassop Parish Meeting
Hathersage Parish Council hathersageparishcouncil.gov.uk
Hayfield Parish Council hayfield-pc.gov.uk
Hazelbadge Parish Meeting
Holmesfield Parish Council holmesfieldvillage.com
Holme Valley Parish Council holmevalleyparishcouncil.gov.uk
Hope with Aston Parish Council hopewithastonparishcouncil.co.uk
Hucklow Parish Council hucklow-pc.gov.uk
Ible Parish Meeting
Ilam Parish Council ilam.org.uk/assets/ilampc
King Sterndale Parish Meeting
Langsett Parish Council langsettparishcouncil.org.uk
Little Longstone Parish Meeting
Litton Parish Council littonparishcouncil.com
Macclesfield Forest & Wildboarclough Parish Meeting wildboarclough.co.uk/Index_files/Page351.htm
Meltham Town Council melthamtowncouncil.gov.uk
New Mills Town Council newmillstowncouncil.gov.uk
Onecote Parish Council https://onecote.wixsite.com/onecote/parish-council
Over Haddon Parish Council overhaddonparish.org.uk
Pott Shrigley Parish Council sites.google.com/view/pottshrigleyparishcouncil
Rainow Parish Council rainowvillage.co.uk
Rowland Parish Meeting
Rowsley Parish Council rowsleyparishcouncil.co.uk
Saddleworth Parish Council saddleworthparishcouncil.org.uk
Sheldon Parish Meeting sheldonvillage.org.uk/parish-meeting
South Darley Parish Council  https://southdarleyparishcouncil.gov.uk
Stanton in Peak Parish Council stantoninpeakparish.org.uk
Stocksbridge Town Council stocksbridge-council.co.uk
Stoney Middleton Parish Council stoneymiddletonparishcouncil.org.uk
Taddington Parish Council taddingtonparishcouncil.org.uk
Tideswell Parish Council tideswellparishcouncil.co.uk
Tintwistle Parish Council tintwistleparishcouncil.org.uk
Tissington & Lea Hall Parish Council tissingtonandleahallparishcouncil.weebly.com
Warslow & Elkstones Parish Council warslowandelkstones-pc.org
Waterhouses Parish Council waterhousesparishcouncil.co.uk
Whaley Bridge Town Council whaleybridge.com/the-town-council
Wheston Parish Meeting
Wincle Parish Meeting wincle.org.uk/parish-minutes.html
Winster Parish Council winsterparishcouncil.gov.uk
Wormhill & Green Fairfield Parish Council wormhill.org.uk
Youlgrave Parish Council youlgrave.org.uk/youlgrave-parish-council